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Our audit services emerge from the necessity of evaluating services’ development, made by a third part independent of the productive process used in the processing industry of sea and aquatic products.
Our audit services have been designed mainly for:
Importer interested in knowing the state of a possible provider/processor;
Processor interested in knowing the situation in which its process is being developed or want to demonstrate its clients the results of an independent investigation. Also for those processors who want to have total control over their providers to confirm that specifications of their delivered product are being fulfilled;
Producer interested in showing clients their company’s improvements, or knowing the situation in which a processor is developing. The services provided by an audit can be used by the producer who desire control over how his product is being processed in certain processor and confirm the optimal output obtained from them. The producer can also use audit services in order to evaluate supplies (balanced for example) providers for cultivation’s process and handling of the aquatic culture pool. Our audit services are characterized by the professionalism level applied in their fulfillment, for that, SUDAMAR staff meet the following requirements:
Interest conflict – our staff have no interest in processor or producer companies that in any way could affect our demanded judgment or impartiality.
Professionalism – our staff counts on broad experience in the sea products and aquatic processing field, as well in activities developed in the aquatic culture field. In addition, Sudamar has developed internal procedures that are applicable in each one of the provided investigation services.
Confidentiality – SUDAMAR internal procedures clearly establish that all staff involved in executing investigation services won’t disclose any kind of information coming from the investigation process, except those parts that were established in the audit agreement.
SUDAMAR audit services are divided among four great groups:
Our audit procedures are adapted to meet requirements established in the:
USFDA 21 CFR Part 123;
USFDA 21 CFR Part 110;
Directive de la UE 93/43/CEE;
Directive de la UE 94/356/CE;
Basic hygiene texts from Codex Alimentarius (CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev 3 (1997), Amd. 1 (1999);
Danger and control’s critical points analysis system (HACCP) – Rules for its application, Annex CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev. 3 (1997).
Developed standards to control food security danger typical of such product or created through distinct steps of the process.
The audit system consists in the evaluation of three well defined steps:
Evaluation and confirmation of GMP’s (Good Manufactures Practices) implantation
Evaluation and confirmation of the SSOP’s (Standard Sanitary Operational Procedure) Evaluation and Confirmation of HACCP plan’s implementation
To achieve such goals, Sudamar has developed specialized internal procedures, applicable to processor’ plants and both sea products and aquatic ones. Those procedures have the goal to verify the correct fulfillment of the aforementioned international standards
Both customer and producer are benefited by SUDAMAR services, due its high level of professionalism, seriousness and confidentiality applied in all work’s steps.
Later on, the customer will count on a full report which will indicate those points in need of improvement regarding the processor, aiming to accomplish the aforementioned standards and assure the product’s security.
A good quality control system in a process plant consists itself in a tranquility warranty both to the producer as well to the customer whose interest relies in the product’s arrival exactly as requested.
Various international business deteriorate themselves or are vanished because they lacked trust regarding the fulfillment of customer’s specifications. It’s important that both customer as well processor can evaluate independently the quality control service’s aptitude, in order to determinate its real capacity in accomplishing the product’s requirements.
Among evaluated items found in a quality control audit we have:
Capacitated staff to execute quality control operations;
Proper material presence (laboratory, equipment, etc) to fulfill quality control operations;
Manual, procedure and records presence in order to demonstrate that quality control procedures are being followed;
Fitness verification of the controls that are being made (frequency, execution, control points, measure generated records)
Observation of the process activities;
Final product verification and quality record results confirmation;
Overhaul of complaint’s records;
Other items.
Sudamar staff will check all quality department activities and will compare the applied control against buyer or processor’s needs and later on will send a full report with all those points in need of improvement.
Many times there are situations which can compromise effectuated sales. Those happen because of the product’s urgency and, in some occasions, orders become frustrated due to processor’s lack of capacity. Situations like these create a large amount of trouble, since they hold back production and sales program, since such delays often cause money loss. 
Aware of that necessity, Sudamar proposes production audit services, aiming to confirm that the producer:
Can fulfill with the agreed product quantity;
Can fulfill with sale agreement in the stipulated time;
Counts with the required machinery for order’s execution;
Has enough trained staff for order’s execution;
Keeps an adequate maintenance program for the equipment, installations and facilities , in order to assure the agreement’s fulfillment;
Can process the product safely (food security rules);
Doesn’t have additional orders that could alter the customer’s delivery;
Has enough quantity of approved providers in order to supply the product;
Has enough logistic required to the order’s execution;
The customer can rest assured that after our audit service he’ll have a clear picture regarding processor’s situation remembering that, with the generated information he will be able to know if the processor is able to fulfill the agreement. Audit process also helps the processor to evaluate independently the real capacity of its process, in order to fulfill with acquired agreements.
Evaluation of a harvest process is vital to determine the product’s posterior behavior, both in process and in its final destination.
The confirmation of proper aquatic harvest procedures followings are made by:
Overhaul of the developed procedures for field execution;
Fitness confirmation of the procedures according to the expected product and applicable norms;
Confirmation that the aquatic culture pool fulfill with its demanded standards requirements;
Verification if the proper procedure is being followed in its field;
Confirmation of the products’ proper handling during harvest’s posterior steps;
Fitness confirmation of the material used in the harvest process;
Later on Sudamar will deliver a full report regarding field’s observations, which will allow the producer/processor/buyer to determine which one requires improvement.

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